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I am Stefanie Andrzejewski

Even before I had children, those who knew me well called me “Mama Stef.”  I feed off of nurturing others; it brings me great joy and immense satisfaction to be of assistance to others.  These are things I knew about myself even before I began my study of astrology.

Like many others, I began my pursuit of astrological knowledge after experiencing many trials and tribulations.  The moment I began formally studying astrology I could feel an immense weight being lifted from my shoulders.  I could breathe freely again. 

With the weight lifted, my eyes were fixed on the wonder & awe of the cosmos.  I began on the path of least resistance.  When I took action, rewards found me.  Changes were made, victories were won, happiness, joy, growth, and confidence remained. 

I know more about myself, my children, and those I love and care for.  Remember, astrology is the gift that keeps on giving.  I knew I had to share my stories of healing with others.

I want to share the healing gifts of astrology with you for the benefit of all, care to join me?  

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